Sunday, February 27, 2011

What? I'm going to Israel and Ethiopia!!

Hey Everyone!

I'm so excited about writing this update. To all of you that don't know, I am currently living in Pismo Beach, California working full time with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) a international, interdenominational movement of volunteers who want to know God and make Him known. We do Discipleship Training Schools, which are the heartbeat of YWAM. A DTS is designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique gifts and purpose to use in missions. DTS emphasizes cross-cultural exposure and global awareness, preparing students to answer the call to "Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28:19.

Here at YWAM Pismo Beach we do two DTS' a year. I am currently staffing the Isaiah 61 DTS and co-leading the two month outreach, and in a few weeks we are heading to Israel and Ethiopia. We will be leaving April 12th and spend our first month in Israel, hopefully traveling  to three or four locations through-out Israel, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Haifa, and Tel Aviv. We'll be working with International House of Prayer (I-HOP) and other ministries working with a variety of people including Jews, Muslims, Orphans, Widows, Drug addicts and Prostitutes. Then we will be going to Ethiopia and spending our last month there in the capital city, Addis Ababa, working with the YWAM base and doing ministry in the community with again Jews, Muslims, Orphans and street kids. I am really excited about the Lord leading us to these two places, cause they're so connected.

As we're getting prepared to leave, we'll be purchasing our tickets, applying for visa's, and getting yellow fever shots. Please be in prayer that we can find reasonable prices and have favor with getting visa's.

God has really been stretching me in areas of trusting Him and revealing to me that He is faithful and we don't serve a poor God. It's not always fun or easy trusting God, but it's so worth it and I know He is faithful and He will supply ALL my needs according to His riches and goodness that are in Christ Jesus. He has been doing SO much in me and through me. I can't be more thankful about what Jesus is doing in my life.

Thankfully, I feel like God is going to be using me in more ways that I know as I'm being called to declare the Love, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness of God that last forever through Jesus' finished work on the cross. So as God is preparing me to leave in April, I ask that you would walk with me in any of the following ways. First and most importantly, Please walk with me in Prayer. Whether you commit to once a week or everyday I ask you once again to cover my every step in the spiritual realms. There is no greater gift than to be covered by the body of Christ. For as the Apostle Paul states, "The battle we fight is not of flesh and blood, but of the spirit." Second, I humbly ask that you walk with me financially. The total cost for this entire two month outreach is $3,300.

One of the things that happens when you see what God is doing all around the world is that a lot of your vocabulary gets redefined. One of the words we throw around in our culture is the word Blessed. We teach that God is going to bless you if you give, that there is a blessing in giving, there is a blessing in generosity but so many people think that means just God's going to give you more money back if you give Him money and God does provide for out material needs.I believe God wants His Church and Children fully funded, to do His will and I thank God for blessing me, so I can be a blessing to others. Will God bless you if you give? Absolutely. But lets redefine what blessing means. So as you give to support what God is doing here in Pismo Beach, and in the nations, God's going to bless you in return, good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over. God is going to bless you as you give.

This past year it's been an honor to be a representative of not only myself but of the community behind me. Whether your support manifests as prayer, encouragement, or finances, it's an honor to represent everyone that is behind me wherever our God is leading me on this earth. To be able to be used by God to bring the good news of His heart to the nations, makes my decision to leave my life, wherever that is, worth it all. So as I walk into this new season of my life, leading others and trusting God everyday with my life, I ask that you prayerfully consider walking me on this new journey.

Whether you'd like to give a single gift, or choose to give monthly you can give online at our website:
Or write a check made out to YWAM. Attach a note indicating that it's for Philip Causey. Then mail it to YWAM Pismo Beach 791 Price Street. #119 Pismo Beach, CA 93449.

**All donations are tax-deductible, and are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all your love and support! Love you all more than you know.

Grace and Blessings,
Philip Causey

If you have any questions about support, please give me a call or email me.