Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Perfect Message

One of the things that can be most paralyzing to speakers and pastors when they are preparing to teach or preach is their awareness of their own imperfection. It can downright cripple your ability to believe that God can use you to do anything of substance in people’s lives.
But the reality is you still have a message to deliver. And it’s the most relevant and powerful message in the history of the world. People desperately need it and you can’t afford to hesitate to deliver it.
So pastors, from now on before you preach or do anything God asks you to do, pray this prayer:
“I’m not a perfect messenger, but this is a perfect message.”
Your life isn’t perfect. You have sins and struggles.
Your delivery isn’t perfect. You could always improve every aspect of it.
But your message is perfect because it’s Jesus’ message. And He is perfect. His life was perfect. His death was perfect. His resurrection was perfect. His Word is perfect. And God’s promise that His word will never return void is perfect.
You’re not perfect, but Jesus has never and will never need you to be. He already has that covered. He has called you to preach His message and it’s perfect. And that’s what ultimately matters.
Your imperfection never cripples Jesus. Don’t ever allow it to cripple you.